March 27, 2023
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The man of God told the bridesmaids that what they were wearing was not the SDA way.
The pastor tells them in no uncertain terms that he will stop the whole ceremony.

He told them they had to follow SDA rules and customs.

Pastor refused to officiate a wedding because some of the bridesmaids did not believe in the SDA faith. This temporarily stopped the wedding.

In a video that has been posted online, the pastor can be heard telling the bridesmaids to leave the ceremony because they are not SDA.

“Don’t try this SDA church, try somewhere else.”

When he said he was serious, the bridesmaids murmured. He then said, “The rest of you can go inside, but not these bridesmaids.”

The pastor even said he would get in his car and leave if they didn’t do what he said right away.

“The SDA church is known for its rules. You can go somewhere else, but not to this church.”

He then asks the matron to help those who are “badly” dressed move to the back or even outside.

The bridesmaids tell him that they are dressed well, saying, “What’s the problem? We’re fine.” He quickly dismisses their claims.

He went on, “I’m in charge now, you can go somewhere else? This won’t happen in this church.”

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