March 30, 2023
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Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has questioned the collective will of Ghanaians to fight corruption.
Asking some rhetorical questions during a presentation on Newsfile, the Special Prosecutor shared his doubt about the commitment of Ghanaians to fighting graft.

“Are we ready for the fight against corruption?, from where I sit, I don’t think we are.”
“We expect so much from the institutions fighting corruption, but collectively, are we ready?” the Special Prosecutor is quoted in a report by

According to Mr Agyebeng, he is compelled to ask the question because a lot of Ghanaians who are witnesses to corruption fail to report it.

“A good measure of the reason why I say we are not ready yet, is that more than 60% of persons fear retaliation if they report corruption. And it is very dire. Even law enforcement agencies, even the Office of the Special Prosecutor, even the Special Prosecutor himself is not spared this special of retaliation,” he stated.
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However, Mr Agyebeng noted that there is still the possibility for the country to bring corruption to a bearable minimum


source ghanaweb

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