March 20, 2023

Pressure group #FixTheCountry has finalised plans for its #TamaleTogether Demonstration scheduled for Saturday, January 7 in the Northern Region capital, Tamale.

Leadership of the group on Monday, January 2 met the Northern Regional Police Command of the Ghana Police Service to conclude plans for the street protest.

The demonstration, to be staged on 2023 Constitution Day, is intended to support the pressure group’s calls for a new constitution “that better addresses social inequality and democratic accountability”.

The demonstration is set to climax 10 weeks of on-the-ground mobilisation and civic education in the Northern Region.

It will be staged with affiliate youth groups such as Activista, Northern Regional Youth Network and Progressive Forces of Northern Ghana.

So far, #FixTheCountry says over 100 civic educators and community mobilisers have been deployed to reach over 60,000 people in nearly 300 communities.

The demonstration will be the first for the pressure group this year.

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