June 9, 2023

Daniel McKorley, the chief executive officer of the McDan Group of Businesses, has praised the court who found him guilty and jailed him for contempt. He claims that this has improved his respect for Ghana’s judicial system.

The multi-millionaire believes that the fact that the court treated him fairly while not respecting his social standing demonstrates that no one is above the law.

Addressing to press following the verdict, McDan said he had learned a lot from the court’s decision to punish him and would take steps to prevent a similar situation from occurring again.

I have nothing against the court’s ruling or the court itself. In reality, I have complete faith in our legal system and the highest regard for the nation’s judges.

Despite the fact that the court has made a ruling in the matter, I am not above the law, and I want it known that the contempt was not on purpose since I had a hectic schedule and some of these issues were not properly brought to my attention.

This breakthrough will enable me to manage my time much more effectively, and it demonstrates how well our courts operate, demonstrating that if you break the law, you will be held accountable regardless of your character.

The tycoon said that he had already paid the fee imposed by the court as retribution for his contempt.
No one is above the law court, which is one of the highest authorities in our nation. “The fine granted by the Court has since been paid, and I want to advise every citizen in this country to respect the court,” he said.

McDan was found guilty by the General Jurisdiction of the Accra High Court for willfully disobeying its directives regarding a contested land plot in East Legon.

As punishment for his offense, Kweku Tawiah Ackaah-Boafo, a Justice of the Court of Appeal acting as an additional High Court Judge, issued a fine of GHc40,000 McDan.

The court ordered that Al-Hassan Iddisah, the applicant in the case, receive GHc15,000 of the fine.


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