March 27, 2023
  • Akua Donkor has disclosed her intention to have a ceremonial husband to boost her presidential aspirations
  • The founder of the Ghana Freedom Party said in an interview that was aired on March 1, 2023 that she will not cook nor clean for this man
  • Humourous female politician and farmer disclosed that her husband passed away two years ago and it was about time she got a new one

Popular Ghanaian female presidential aspirant Akua Donkor has disclosed that she is in desperate need of a husband to take the place of her late husband.

She said it has been tough staying without a man for many months, but she foresees an even more difficult period when active political campaigning starts in 2024.

“I haven’t re-married since my husband died. It’s been two years and my ring is no longer on my finger. I need to get married again because I need a partner as a female politician,” she told Kof TV in an interview that was aired on March 1, 2023.


Speaking in Twi, she said she needs a man to be Ghana’s maiden First Gentleman, suggesting that she will win the national presidential polls on the ticket of the party she founded, the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP).

She also said she was not going to cook or clean for her next husband. She was frank to explain that she just wants the man’s support and name to put her in good standing in the eyes of society.


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