June 1, 2023

The girlfriend of the late South African artist, AKA, Nadia Nakai has disclosed how painful it is for her to bear the pain of the loss of her boyfriend.

South African artist AKA was murdered by unknown men in Durban when he visited the country 2 years after the demise of his former girlfriend. In the CCTV footage that went viral, it was seen how the gunman followed AKA to a restaurant and shot him in the head upon getting closer to him.

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In a recent post, Nadia Nakai has shared some difficult moments and how she finds it difficult to believe that AKA is dead and gone.

Nadia wrote;

“This pain is just too much to bare, everyone says it’s something I will learn to live with. I just don’t believe it. Every day it just gets worse. I don’t know how to deal with this. Saying it hurts doesn’t explain the level of this pain. This hole in my heart will never be filled.

People go through heartache and are held together through their grief by their partners. How do I deal with the grief of losing my partner, the person that was supposed to support me is who I’ve lost. God, I miss you, Kiernan.”




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