March 21, 2023
Dr Frederick Mac Palm the brain behind the alleged plot to overthrow government 1

Dr Frederick Mac-Palm, the brain behind the alleged plot to overthrow government

Dr. Frederick Mac-Palm, the brain behind the alleged plot to overthrow the government, says Take Action Ghana’s (TAG) objective was to cause a change in the corrupt system.

He was giving an answer to a question by Kormivi Dzotsi, defence counsel for Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr. Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo, in a cross-examination.

The prosecution alleges that by the use of “big bang,” his client was encouraging the overthrow,” he asked.

Dr Mac-Palm replied that he had repeatedly said that members on TAG’s WhatsApp platform never discussed coup d’état on any of its platforms.

“The word big bang as far as my knowledge serves me is a word associated with major changes in any situation or environment at any particular point in time and of course one of the objectives of TAG was to cause a change in a corrupt system as we deem it,” he stated.

He continued that “I would like to say that TAG had the intention of demonstrating our displeasure until we saw the change, adding that if ACP Agordzo used the phrase big bang, it did not at that time and even now mean coup d’état.”

Questioned whether it was only ACP Agordzo who made a cash donation to the cause of TAG, Dr. Mac-Palm said, no.

He also agreed with the defence counsel that one of his clients’ concerns was raising funds from civil society organisations to support TAG’s activities.

Dzotsi asked that Dr Agordzo had been accused of writing a speech for Dr Mac-Palm to be read after the alleged overthrow of the government by TAG but Dr Mac-Palm said it was false, adding that it was not true that he and ACP Agordzo discussed overthrowing a sitting government.

Shown screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation on TAG’s Springboard platform, he was asked whether in his conversation with ACP Agordzo he did indicate after a meeting at Coconut Groove Hotel that he should link him to Sampson Lardi Anyenini before he left for abroad.

He said he did not recollect having a discussion with ACP Agordzo on lawyer Anyenini but recalled telling ACP after the Ayawaso West Wuogon that the incident was unheard of for someone to slap a Member of Parliament, so, they needed to demonstrate.

Again, Dr. Mac-Palm denied, recollecting the WhatsApp conversation between him and ACP Agordzo, telling him (Mac-Palm) that the lawyer advised them to hold on with the demonstration.

Dr. Mac-Palm, however, agreed that individual suggestions on the platform were not the group’s decision, citing that Dr. Mac-Palm disagreed with one Dr. Sam once when his comment was about coup d’etat.

Dr Mac-Palm is standing trial with ACP Dr Agordzo, Donya Kafui, Bright Alan Debrah Debrah, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, WOII Esther Saan, Corporal Sylvester Akankpewu, Lance Airforce Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akankpewu and Lance Corporal Seidu Abubakar.

They are facing charges relating to high treason.

They have all denied their respective charges and have been granted bail.

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source GNA


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