March 19, 2023
Hajia4Real finally breaks silence on reports of going to jail in the US

Earlier yesterday, a new sad development which dropped on the internet and is yet to be authenticated alleged that Hajia4Real is set to be extradited from the UK to the US.

As wildly alleged by a Snapchat user known on the social media app as Realsenatoreze1 – The mother of one is set to be extradited from the UK to the US.

According to Realsenatoreze1, Hajia4Real will be in very deep trouble after the extradition because she’s a US citizen which makes her case very interesting and might draw national interest.

Another Snapchat user who is also based in the US and seems to have more information about the woes of Hajia4Real simply known on the social media app as King Charles III has slaps shared the same information about Hajia4Real’s forthcoming extradition.

As stated by King Charles III in his viral write-up, Hajia4Real will be extradited because she helped her baby daddy and some notorious scammers to commit fraud years ago.

And she has been on the US wanted list for the past seven years now.

In his Snapchat post, he additionally alleged that Hajia4Real’s daughter Nalia who is a US citizen has been taken away from her mom by US authorities.

Apparently, Hajia4Real wanted to spend Christmas with her daughter in the UK last December but she was prevented by authorities.

And since her father has also been deported, Naila was technically left with no guardian hence she was about to be sent to the Child Protection Service centre when her mother’s sugar daddy swiftly intervened with her father’s family to seek her custody instead.


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