June 9, 2023

Politicians only use youth for demonstrations and dump them after winning power, Kojo Poku

Address the challenges of the youth, stop playing on their sentiments, Kojo Poku

I will address the problems of the youth better when I become President, Kojo Poku

The Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Policies and Research, Kojo Nsafoah Poku, has said that politicians in the country have become noted for playing on the sentiment of youth in Ghana.

According to him, politicians from the two leading political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP), use the sentiment of the youth to win power and forget about them afterward.

“… to my young siblings listening to me, the truth is only one. When the NPP organises a demonstration, and leaders of the party give you their phone numbers; if they come to power and you call them, they will not pick your call… the NDC who are part of the leader of Arise Ghana demonstration … if they give you their contacts and you vote for them to come to power, they will not pick your calls if you call them.

“… we have to stop playing on the sentiments of the youth in this country. The youth have problems. Our problems include finding capital to start businesses and getting the needed directions to help our businesses strive. They (the NDC) failed the youth when they were in power, now they are asking us to vote for them again,” he said in Twi in an interview on XYZ TV, monitored by GhanaWeb.

Nsafoah Poku added that his distaste for politicians playing on the sentiments of the youth is one of the reasons why he wants to become the President of Ghana because he will address the challenges of the youth better.

He has announced his intention of contesting in the NPP’s flagbearership rac.

Watch Nsafoah Poku in the video below:

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