June 1, 2023
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The General Overseer of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has berated Ghanaians who attacked Pastor Elvis Agyemang, famed for his online prayer session ‘Alpha Hour.’

The pastor was attacked after a photo captured some of his church workers counting December 31 Watchnight service offertory with a counting machine.

During a sermon at his church on Sunday, January 22, 2023, Prophet Oduro said that rather than focusing on the wealth of the church, Ghanaians should focus on holding the government accountable for how it uses the country’s resources, including their taxes.

“Nobody says anything when the government places a desk at Kotoka Airport and takes $100 from every passenger that arrives at Kotoka. Nobody asked the government, where did that money go? And how much was raised?

“So far, we have not asked the government for the amount raised from the E-Levy. We have not asked that. I was watching the Public Account Committee hearing, and the monies that were supposed to be retrieved since 2020 have not been retrieved; nobody has asked that.

“We have not asked the Chief of Staff how many Land Cruisers she has imported to this nation for the past 2 years; we have not asked that. We have not asked how much it cost Akufo-Addo’s convoy to travel in a month we have not asked that,” he said.

Prophet Oduro added that Ghanaians should ask the government about the number of fuel coupons it gives to presidential staffers and government functionaries which are “extended to Legon girls, Takoradi girls, UCC girls, Central University girls… we have not asked that”.

He also said that Ghanaians should ask the government the amount of money its agencies, including the Korle Bu Teaching, which charges so much, are making.

The pastor also said that people are talking about the money churches are making without referring to the many benefits it brings to the nation.

He warned Ghanaians who are trying to denigrate the image of the pastor to stop because the wrath of God will strike them if they continue on this tangent.


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