May 30, 2023
water tour The ongiong sand winning at the Weija Dam in Accra. Photo. Ebo Gorman 1

Asafo No. 1 and 2 youth groups of Awutu Bereku in the Awutu Senya West district of the Central region have registered their displeasure against the exhumation of five corpses from the Awutu Bereku cemetery by sand winners. 

The youth are peeved as to why the only place dedicated to departed souls of their land has been handed to sand winners to desecrate the what was supposed to be a peaceful and serene abode of the dead.

The youth are livid over the exhumation of five dead bodies by the sand winners around the cemetery which is against their customs and tradition.

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According to the youth, the sand winning activity also poses danger to a nearby school which is elementary and has many children schooling there.

They are pointing fingers at some traditional authorities for sitting aloof to watch the danger staring glaringly at the school children and the entire communities.

A leader of the Asafo No. 1 Company, Twupi Kojo Duaquaye of Awutu Bereku said “the youths are those with supervisory role over the cemetery but the area has been given to sand winners which has lead to exhumed of five corpses.”

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He has called on the traditional council to address the Asafo No.1 and 2 company on the issue in order not to take the law into their hands.


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