April 1, 2023
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Captain Smart has jabbed Parliament for their calls to get Kenneth Ofori-Atta out as Finance Minister, including his deputy.

According to the Onua Maakye host, when Ofori-Atta was submitting budgets that were not in consonance with the needs of the citizenry, the Majority were singing ‘Abamu awie’ (It has been fulfilled already).

He says the Majority cannot turn around to cry foul when the very minister they hailed despite his glaring abysmal record has now worsened things.

Ranting on the show Thursday, October 27, 2022, Captain Smart said the MPs should join the Finance Minister and his deputy to excuse themselves from public office since they are all to blame for the mess now.

“Ofori-Atta will not go anywhere. If he is leaving then he will go with the MPs. Were you not the ones who approved all the loans he brought before you? Were you not the ones who were hailing him when the Minority were complaining? You sang ‘abamu awie’ You’re not serious. You helped Ken to cause the damage,” he maintained.

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