March 29, 2023
Joseph Yamin

A leaked audio making the rounds on social media captures the National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Joseph Yamin in a verbal brawl with a man alleged to be the former Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Opare Addo.

The audio captures the two men throwing about words like stupid and foolish as they try to establish superiority over insults in the Twi language.

Per the narrative, the audio was recorded by Joseph Yamin and found its into the media space.

DCOP Opare Addo called Joseph Yamin to protest over certain comments Yamin made about him in a media engagement on UTV.

The former Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator began the confrontation by asking Yamin if he knew that he was stupid.

Joseph Yamin initially tried to hold back but the continued hurling of foolish and stupid from DCOP Opare Addo pushed him to his limit and he let loose.

Yamin fired back at DCOP Opare Addo, stating that he gave him the benefit of the doubt because he assumed he was worthy of his time but he realized that DCOP Opare Addo was undeserving of his respect.

The two traded blatant insults for over two minutes as they sought to make their points.

Yamin then offered to meet up with DCOP Opare Addo for them to settle the dispute manly.

Listen to the audio below



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