March 19, 2023
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on Friday rejected the nomination of Dr. K.K Sarpong

Dr. Kofi Kodua Sarpong is a candidate vying to occupy the Offinso paramount seat following the demise of Paramount Chief, Nana Awiafe Akenten III in 2021.

But his nomination has been shrouded in controversies with some factions within the Offinso area questioning his legitimacy.

While some say he is not a royal and has no lineage that qualifies him for the Offinso seat considering he hails from Beposo in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti Region, others say he has a lineage and is a qualified candidate.

What tradition demands:

According to the Benkumhene of Offinso, Nana Osei Boateng Yentumi Pimapim, after the passing and burial of a chief, the floor is opened for candidates hoping to occupy the stool to present their interests, by writing their names and indicating their intentions led by their family heads.

After this, the queen mother is to decide with family heads and other appointed chiefs after which the chosen candidates are presented to the Gyaasehene then the kingmakers and so on.

Benkumhene narrates what happened in the case of K.K Sarpong:

Speaking in an interview with Kessben TV, the Benkumhene said “After Nana Akenten passed away, the queen mother; Nana Hemaa Ama Serwaa Nyarko gave an opportunity for people who may want to occupy the seat.

“After this, some 18 people presented their interests, made up of people from Ashirem, others from Akonkodiase, who are all from the Asona Clan in Offinso. They make up the two gates from which the paramount chief is chosen.

“During this process, Dr. Kofi Kodua Sarpong also had the chance to present his interest and traditionally, it is the queen mother that chooses candidates for the stool through the family heads.

“After this, he is presented to the Gyaasehene, and after they are done deciding, they present before the kingmakers – the Krontihene, Benkumhene and Nifahene for us to investigate him.

“After this, we accepted,” he added.

What the concerns are:

Some members of one of the gates, Ashirem, held a press conference in May 2022 to voice out their displeasure with the nomination process of Dr. K. K Sarpong.
According to the family head, Kontonmmra Aboagye who addressed media persons, they are of the view that the queen mother is sidelining the family and using unqualified means to nominate the said candidate.

According to them, he has been rejected by both the Akonkodiase gate and the Ashirem gate.

“Akonkodiase people didn’t accept him. Then he came here. We don’t accept him He is from Beposo. No family of his is from here.

“After the passing of the chief, the way was paved for anyone who wanted to contest for the stool to bring their names. We had candidates following traditions and presenting their pleas with subchiefs but even after that, when the selection process started, they didn’t hear of it.

“They skipped processes and went to present him to Manhyia but that didn’t work. The queen mother connived with a few chiefs to present K.K Sarpong, putting the family aside. He should bring his family tree,” he said.

But the Benkumhene has maintained that all due process had been followed in nominating Dr. K.K Sarpong.

According to him, although Dr. Sarpong is from Beposo, his lineage can be traced to Offinso and therefore he is qualified.

He also defended the queen mother Nanahemaa Ama Serwaa Nyarko, indicating that she had followed due process.

“I think some people want the stool to remain with the Akonkodiase. Dr. K.K Sarpong is from Offinso, I only believe it is circumstances or marriage that traces some part of his lineage to Beposo.

“I will disagree with anyone who will suggest that the queen mother is breaking protocol. She is going according to tradition and it’s all clear. It’s not the family that makes kings, it is the family heads that select. When K.K Sarpong was being selected, family head representatives from both the Ashirem and Akonkodiase lines were present,” he said.

What Otumfuo said:

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II openly rejected the nomination of Dr. K.K Sarpong, Former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) as was captured in a video that made rounds on Friday, October 21, 2022.

In the said video, the Ashanti King clearly indicated his displeasure about how the nomination process for Dr. K.K Sarpong was done.

“Kofi Kodua Sarpong has lived a good life, he has achieved a lot in life. If he is the person, you the elders of Offinso want, you should have come to me and told me that you want him to be your chief if I accept him. Is that not what you should have done? And now that you have gone your own way and you are having difficulties you are coming to me for what?

“I have cancelled all the pleas of the family head (Atta Kwabena). Mother, I have cancelled the pleas he (the family head) brought to you because the family head himself does not have the right to come close to the stool and for that matter bring you pleas. There is a curse on him that he was to take off.

“That is why I was asking the elders why they will let someone with a curse on him lead their plea. That is the issue I have. I have cancelled the nomination process.

“I know that Kofi Konadu Sarpong is the person you want as chief if that is true come and tell me about it. I know that you have sat with him and have come to an agreement. But the person leading your plea does not have the right to do so now,” the Asantehene said in Twi at the Manhyia Palace in a video shared by Opemsuo Radio which was sighted by GhanaWeb.

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