March 25, 2023
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A Ghanaian female broadcaster Bridget Otoo has taken a swipe at Beatrice Agyeman, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Media General, owners of TV3, Onua FM, 3FM, Connect FM, Akoma FM and MG Digital.

Bridget Otoo claims Beatrice Agyemang has taken off the ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ show hosted by Johnnie Hughes on TV3’s New Day show due to pressure from the ruling NPP government.

The former staff of Media General further claims the station’s GCEO always cow-towed to the NPP, which was the reason she left.

In a series of tweets sighted by Modernghana News on Monday, January 23, the women’s rights advocate alleged that ‘Johnnies Bite’ has been taken off to appease the ruling government.

According to her, the bold and courageous Johnnie Hughes has been deliberately moved from the ‘New Day’ show to host 3FM’s Sunrise show.

“If Johnnie Hughes was on any platform that had that huge following with his Johnnies Bite, the media house would protect him because he brings in numbers. But he finds himself among ceremonial managers who would rather cow-tow to politicians than stick by their staff!



“It’s Johnnie Hughes! You are taking him off New Day, bowing to the pressure of NPP to take him off. How do you do this for your main star on the show? Does Beatrice Agyemang think she can control the staff that comes there?” parts of her tweets read.

She stressed, “You did it to me, and now, five years later, you are doing same to Johnnie Hughes. Allow people to express themselves even if you disagree with them. It’s democracy! “I will never forget what the COO of TV3 told me: “Be nice to NPP or don’t criticize them; they were in opposition then and are doing worse in government.”

Such an alleged attitude by Madam Beatrice Agyemang, according to the political journalist, will give way for the politicians to keep attacking more journalists, particularly at Media General.

She cited Richard Ahiagba, the National Communications Director of the NPP’s recent scathing attack on Roland Walker, a host of TV3’s New Day show as an example of the party’s seeming ‘control’ over the station’s management.

“If a media house like TV3 Ghana keeps bowing to the pressures of politicians, they will keep coming for more of your staff they disagree with! Also, prepare for someone worse than Johnnie and I. Already, I’ve seen Comm. Dir. of NPP Richard Ahiagbah has started harassing Roland Walker!

“Will Beatrice Agyemang take Roland Walker off when the pressure gets to her? Why can’t you stand by your staff, who are supposed to have independent minds of their own and not be puppets, nodding yes to everything?” she stated.



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