March 21, 2023

Ghana’s Coat of Arms is one of the unique national symbols that represent government’s authority and sanction.

It was designed by Ghanaian, Nii Amon Kotei of blessed memory.

He was commissioned by Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the then British Colonial Administration to design the Coat of Arms prior to the country’s independence in 1957.

This national item contains many symbols, each with a unique meaning.

The Coat of Arms has a shield divided into four quarters with different symbols in each quarter, a black star, two eagles and the motto ‘Freedom and Justice’.
Each of these symbols stands for something distinctive and captures Ghana’s nationality in every regard.

Explaining what each symbol means during a tour at the National Museum, Samuel Amegah Jnr who took his turn in this episode of People & Places noted that the Coat of Arms is the seal of the country.

“Having gained independence, we had our own identity now, we had a new name; Ghana, away from the colonial name – Gold Coast and we had some symbolisms to represent us as a people.

One of them is our political symbol here which is the Coat of Arms designed by Mr. Amon Kotei” he said.

He also broke down what each symbol means and represents.
The Coat of Arms is in bold colour. Each of the quarters divided by a green cross is rimmed with gold.

Local administration

In the first quarter is a crossed linguist stick and ceremonial sword on a blue background representing local administration – either traditional (the linguist stick) or political (the ceremonial sword).

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