March 20, 2023
Joyce Bawa Mogtari Special Aide to former President John Dramani Mahama

An aide to former President John Dramani Mahama, Joyce Bawah Mogatri, has described moves by the Agric Minister to sell foodstuff at its premises to control prices as a disaster.

According to her, it is unbelievable, the “incompetent Minister for Agriculture actually went ahead to sell plantains in the ministry” while quizzing if plantain is the only food item Ghanaians eat.

In a Facebook post, she said should this be a standard of measuring the performance of the Agric Minister, then all farmers will qualify to be Agric Ministers.

“Who would have thought that six years down the line, a debate about food prices will ensue and government will pour plantain at the centre of Ghana’s ministerial enclave to sell at controlled prices? I simply can’t believe the obviously failed and incompetent Minister for Agriculture actually went ahead to sell plantains in the ministry. Is plantain the only food item Ghanaians eat and which is expensive to buy today? How can the sale of plantains at controlled prices ensure food security for our entire population? And should all Ghanaians move to the ministry in Accra to buy the plantain at the controlled prices?”

“What a disaster! If this is the measure of a Minister’s performance then all our farmers would be excellent Agriculture Ministers,” she shared.

As part of the efforts to control prices of foodstuff, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture began selling foodstuff within its premises to serve people in Accra.

The product is brought from the farms to the ministry and sold to consumers at a cheaper price.

However, when the project commenced, plantain was the only item at the venue.

But the Ministry announced that some other foodstuffs will be added as time goes on.

It is based on this Joyce Bawa has raised concerns about the project describing it as a disaster.


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