March 30, 2023
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The Coalition of Unemployed Nurse Assistant Clinical and Preventive Graduates has threatened to storm and take over the Finance and Health Ministries’ offices for failing to ensure their posting.

According to the disgruntled health professionals, the Health Ministry opened its recruitment portal about 10 months ago, allowing nurses and midwives to select their preferred regions for posting.

As per them, both diploma and degree nurses and midwives have been posted, but they have been excluded.
The over 10,000 nurses claim to have been home for about three years, notwithstanding the several promises made following pleas and picketing.

Apandago Charles, the group’s president, stated at a press conference in Kumasi on Thursday, 15 September 2022, that they are experiencing struggles and must rely on their parents, prostitution, and other activities to stay alive.

As a result, he has given the government a seven-day deadline to post them or else they will storm and take over the offices of the Ministries in charge of their posting until they are posted.

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