March 27, 2023

The Chief of Amanchia in the Antwima Nwabiagya South constituency, Nana Afrifa Boansa, has sent a message to President Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party to remember the promises they gave the people in the area.

The traditional leader says the era where the NPP saw the Ashanti Region as its world bank was over.

He was reacting to an incident in which Antwima Nwabiagya South constituents chased out their Member of Parliament with machetes due to poor road conditions.

Emmanuel Agyei Anhwere was touring the constituency when the angry youth attacked him.

Constituents in Kobeng, Seidi, and Amanchia clash with MP, nearly resulting in a fight.

Residents brandishing machetes threatened to dismember the MP if he did not leave the scene.

The traditional leader said they have learnt their lessons and will no longer entertain the NPP.

He quizzed if the MP and his entourage were happy when they used the deplorable road.

“Are you content with this deplorable road? You saw how bad the road was. Should we take this deplorable route to vote for you? You can no longer take us for granted because we are wise. We overwhelmingly voted for you to be elected, so give us our fair share of the national cake. You keep tossing us around. We have a strained relationship with the NPP. They should be aware that the people are dissatisfied. It is false to say that the ground in the Ashanti region is solid. You would lose if elections were held today.

“Please inform President Akufo-Addo that we will alter our voting pattern. We love him, but tell him that the ground is shaky. People are dissatisfied. We want the President to understand that all was not well. That is the truth.”

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