March 19, 2023
Angry Farmer Warns Govt

An aggrieved elderly citizen of Likpe in the Volta Region has warned political leaders not to attempt to come near his community with ballot boxes or papers when it is time for elections otherwise, he would have them set ablaze.

The anger of the farmer, Bright, as captured in a video shared by Edem Srem, one of Ghana’s foremost drone pilots and documentary producers, stems from the fact that for decades, their farming communities have been robbed of development.

He explained that politicians have continued to take them for granted, only returning to them when they need their votes.

“This is where we have been farming, and this is where the foodstuffs have been coming from, but look at the nature of our roads. We are suffering. Just look at this, these few weeks that these rains started look at the whole place.

“So, we need roads. If you don’t bring roads, don’t come to us for our votes again. We are not going to accept you. We are not going to allow you to enter even the landscape. So, be very wise. We’ve been voting for you for quite a long time, after the voting then you go, four years later, you’ll come,” he said.

He further warned that politicians who attempt to return to the community without doing what is necessary will court their anger.

He explained that if this is not done for them, they will ensure that ballot boxes brought to them will be burned.

“Don’t come again o, because this place will be hot for you. If you bring the ballot papers and the ballot boxes, we’ll burn them here. If you don’t come and tar this road for us so that the foodstuffs you’ve been eating there – you don’t know how we suffer to make it before it comes to Accra… help us now, not tomorrow,” the man, fuming with rage, stated.

Watch the full video below:

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