June 2, 2023
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An Amass Senior High School student’s explicit tape has been discovered online.

The stunning young woman, whose TikTok username is AbenaHarriet0, can be seen in a video that has since gone viral.

S3kzTape videos Of Ghanaian TikTok Star And Student Of Ahmadiyya SHS surfaces online (watch videos)

In the video, she can be seen definitely enjoying a s3xual encounter with her lover.

It is still a mystery who filmed the video and how it made its way onto social media; nevertheless, one of the films shows her showing herself with no clothes on her body.

These days, people on social media who want to be famous are competing with one another for the spotlight, and some of them are willing to do everything to achieve their goal.

Recently, prominent Nigerian TikTok star Black Chully made the decision to record and publish her nvde videos and photographs on purpose in order to capitalize on the trend.

watch the videos below.


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