June 9, 2023

It’s fascinating how wild animals react to children. Adult will see snake and run but children,who don’t know how dangerous the animals are, will always be seen playing with live snake. There has not been any scientific proof to explain the mystery behind the different reactions wild animals have for children and adults.


A video posted by Sway on twitter captures a little baby girl who is holding a live snake in a room. In the video,the girl was firmly holding the tail of the snake while her mother ,moving around the room,screams. The little girl did not show iota of fear but her mother who should have found a measure to get rid of the snake was running Helter skelter as if she was being pointed at by a gun.

Watch the video below

In putting yourself in the woman’s shoe,what would have been your reaction ?

In Europe and other part of the world,most people keep snake as a pet.

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