June 2, 2023
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Strange things are happening in Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi where residents are forced to buy coffins ahead of their death due to the high cost of living and the skyrocketing prices of coffins

Akwasi Baafi who manufactures and sells coffins at Kumasi Asafo Labour Roundabout revealed that some people sometimes come there to buy coffins not to bury their dead relatives but to keep them for the future.

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV hosted by Osei Kwadwo and Monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Mr. Akwasi Baafi explained that “There are some people who know the day they will die because of their health conditions so they buy the coffin they want their family to use to bury them while others also buy it because of the price increment of coffins”

According to Mr. Akwasi Baafi, “people sometimes will pay for the coffin and later visit  with their family members just to show them the coffin he/she has bought for his/her  burial when he or she dies”

“But there are some of them who will buy the coffin and order us to wrap it so he or she can take it home because he is buying it ahead of his or her death” Mr. Baafi explained.

Explaining if Coffin sellers wish death for people, Mr. Akwasi Baafi said “Though we always pray for good business because every worker pray for good business we do not wish people die”

“The fact we sell and make coffins doesn’t mean we feel happy when people die. We are human beings and we feel the pains when people are dying but death is part of our journey and no one can escape it”. He stressed.


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