March 28, 2023
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The story of 23-year-old Gifty who died as a result of galamsey at Konongo Odumase has exposed the degree with which illegal mining has placed the community on a time bomb.

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The young lady who visited the toilet at dawn died after the facility she was using caved in and led her into a galamsey pit Sunday dawn.

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According to OnuaOnline’s Ibrahim Abubakar, who visited the Konongo Odumase with the Police, Fire Service and NADMO, he said it took the excavator several hours to excavate the young lady from the pit she was in.

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According to Ibrahim, what Ghanaians call galamsey is referred as ‘in-house mining’ at Konongo Odumase.

He reports people have dug holes in their homes and are doing galamsey there, rendering the entire community on a ‘time-bomb’.

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According to Ibrahim, his cameraman who stole some shots from peoples homes whilst the community’s attention was on the young lady’s body bumped into a woman who was cooking beside a galamsey pit in her kitchen.

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Meanwhile, those who are not into the practice are all living in danger and cannot report because they fear for their lives in the hands of the galamseyers.

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Ibrahim noted the youth started getting angry when the media was ‘overstaying their welcome’.

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He said the police, NADMO and the Ghana National Fire Service were at the scene but did not carry any extensive investigation over what is happening there after exhuming the young lady.

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