March 30, 2023
Coffin Makers

Popular Coffin Maker and casket dealer at Asafo a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Akwasi Baafi revealed that Coffin Makers and casket dealers are romantic, caring and the best men to marry adding that every woman should pray to have a coffin maker as her future husband.

“We Coffin Makers and Sellers are the best men to marry because we understand love and always want our partners to be happy. We are caring and very romantic” Akwasi Baafi revealed

Speaking in an exclusive interview with AMBASSADOR TV hosted by Osei Kwadwo and monitored by, the popular Coffin Maker and Seller Akwasi Baafi explained that “Though at first, it was difficult for a coffin seller or maker to get a wife because the majority of ladies were afraid of our work now the situation has turned”

According to him “I remember a certain lady who rejected my love proposal after I told her I sell and make coffins but now I’m married with a peaceful family”

“Now some ladies rush for us while some even propose to us because they have now realized that we are the best men to marry and they now understand our work, unlike the previous times where they run away from us after revealing what we do” he added.

“There are some ladies who don’t want to marry any coffin maker or seller because they think there is no money in the business and if they marry us we can’t take care of them but Kwadwo I can tell you there is money In coffin business”.

Akwasi Baafi explained that “The society has finally accepted us and I don’t think there is any coffin maker or seller who is struggling to get a wife because of his work”.

“If any coffin maker or seller tells you he is struggling to get a wife then it is because of his bad behavior but not the work because the majority of us are happily married so those complaining should rather change their bad attitude and refrain from putting the blame on the work” he added.

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