March 18, 2023
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The body responsible for civic education, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has called on Ghanaians to defend and uphold the 1992 Constitution to fast-track development and national cohesion.

In commemorating the 30th anniversary of Ghana’s democracy, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) said the constitution gives Ghanaians an identity and a sense of belonging which must be protected and promoted at all times to enable a peaceful co-existence among all citizens.

Speaking on the theme, “30 years of consolidating Constitutional Democracy: Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance,” the Chairperson of the NCCE, Kathleen Addy stressed on the need for the country to uphold and revere the 1992 Constitution as the highest law of the land until either an amendment or replacement is made.

“As we commemorate the 30 years celebrations [of Ghana’s democracy], NCCE calls on Ghanaians to participate actively in governance and continue to uphold the 1992 Constitution as the supreme law of Ghana until any amendments are made.”

Some individuals and organizations such as the Economic Fighters League have been calling for a total replacement of the current constitution which they say was the sole creation of the legislative arm of government without recourse to the wishes of the masses.

But Madam Addy said the 1992 Constitution which birthed Ghana’s democracy has so far proven to be useful and is serving its purpose of uniting a population of diverse backgrounds which she said her outfit is working tirelessly to ensure the respect for rights and freedoms spelt out in the document are observed in their entirety.

“To sustain peace and to promote national cohesion, the Commission urges the country to unite to consolidate our goals toward growth. The Commission’s commitment to the common goal of educating all citizens in every nook and crane will foster inclusion, especially with the vulnerable groups in society and also pass down Ghanaian values such as patriotism, hard work, honesty, respect for the rights and freedoms of others down to the entire population.”

Madam Addy’s call comes a day after president Nana Akufo-Addo made the same admonishments in his address to the nation to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ghana’s democracy on Friday, January 6, 2023.




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