June 10, 2023
Tracey Boakye finally reacts to Jackie Appiahs plush mansion

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye, famed as East Legon Landlady has replies critics mocking her over Jackie Appiah’s mansion.

Individuals on social media have resorted to comparative analysis among Ghanaian celebrities after a video  of Jackie Appiah’s plush mansion went viral.

Tracey Boakye and Jackie Appiah mansion

Some female celebrities in particular, who usually flaunt and brag about their riches are not finding it easy online as according to netizens, they have been silenced by Jackie Appiah’s wealth.

They have likened Jackie Appiah’s calm composure about her wealth to a popular African proverb that states, ‘Good beads do not make noise’.

To them, they are impressed with the way the actress has stayed humble and kept her plush properties away from the public, an act, some ‘loud’ celebrities cannot practice.

It was in this light that certain names like, Tracy Boakye, Diamond Appiah and the likes popped up as ‘noise making’ celebrities who usually display their ‘average looking’ properties on social media.


Diamond Appiah gave it hot to all the attackers that took advantage of the situation to ridicule her achievement and Tracey Boakye has followed suit.

According to Tracey Boakye, she has done extremely well for herself because just at age 31, she owns a house, cars and a functioning business and on that account her haters should stop making a fool out of themselves.

As indicated by Tracey Boakye, she has done extremely well for herself because,
at age 31, she possesses a house, vehicles and business, so and on that account her critics ought to quit embarrassing themselves.

Tracey Boakye continued that, she’s really blessed because she used to look up t Jackie Appiah when she was young and yet to hit the limelight because Jackie was already a star back then.

Tracey Boakye

Check out Jackie Appiah mansion below :

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