June 9, 2023
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Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah has described recent events in the country as signs of attempts to create instability.

He listed the violent incidents of June 28, 2022 during Day 1 of the Arise Ghana protests and the case of #FixTheCountry campaigners demanding to hold a protest with arms, weeks ago.

In an interview on the June 28 edition of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana programme, the Minister stressed that the two incidents gave a clear trajectory of attempts at instability, linking same to terrorist alerts in recent times.

“There is an obvious attempt to create instability in our country, we don’t need to mince words about it. And there is a trajectory, first there was a group that wanted to demonstrate with weapons.

“Then there was this group that said they wanted to demonstrate from the evening throughout the night till the next morning and the Police raise obvious questions…” he stressed.

He continued: “This is even daytime, in broad daylight at Obra Spot here in Accra and you have people attacking police people in this manner, can you imagine what could have happened at night if indeed some of these things were allowed to continue.”

He further accused the demonstrators of breaching the order given by the court relative to the approved route.

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