March 19, 2023
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According to Dr. Clement Apaak, Deputy Ranking Member of Parliament’s Education Committee, despite the fact that some printing companies were contracted to print textbooks for our primary schools, the books have not been distributed.

The Parliamentary Select Committee 2022 embarked on several visitations to the various printing companies contracted to print these textbooks. However, it has emerged that scream schools have not received the textbooks, the MP for Builsa South revealed.

According to him, those that have received them do not have the full compliments of the textbooks.

Dr. Apaak stated that the textbooks have not been distributed because there are insufficient funds to pay the companies that printed the books.

“In 2022, we toured the various printing companies and saw them printing the books, but as of today, the books have not been distributed. Those who have received the books do not have the complete set. The government owes printers and publishers money. They have not been paid because the money that should have been used to pay must be released by GETFund, and GETFund has been capped and used as collateral for loans. GETFund is underfunded, and this is affecting infrastructure,” he added.

The educationalist MP lamented that the current administration has deprived our sector’s basic level of resources.

He said GETFund had not received the resources to execute its mandate because the resources have been used as collateral by the government to engage in reckless borrowing.

Speaking in an interview, Dr. Apaak said, ”we need to properly resource our basic schools to improve quality because the implications for us would be dire,” he stated.

He reiterated that the government is owed Ghc45 million in capitation for the next two years.

“Private basic schools are now popular because public basic schools are run down and under-resourced. But how many parents can afford to send their children to private basic schools?”


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