June 2, 2023
How Captain Smart was arrested by NIB agents - Eyewitness account

How Captain Smart was arrested by NIB agents - Eyewitness account

Benjamin Kesse, the Municipal Chief Executive of Tarkwa-Nsuaem, got under the skin of host of Onua FM’s breakfast show, Captain Smart, with a cocky response to some questions about illegal mining operations in the municipality.

Captain Smart who appeared shocked by Kesse’s response that he was unaware of some illegal mining activities in the municipality a day prior to the interview held on Monday, October 10, 2022 scolded him for not being ‘on top of issues’.

Captain Smart quizzed “Benjamin Kesse, do you know that there were galamsey activities in the forest yesterday?”

The MCE replied “you are the one saying it”.

Captain Smart retorted “a whole MCE who claims to have effected arrests, you aren’t on top of issues.”

Unsettled by Captain Smart’s reprimand, Benjamin Kesse fired back with a question “where you work, if someone steals a pen, would you know?”

Captain Smart replied “I will know”.

Kesse fought back with a cheeky response “because you are God you know everything going on in the world.”

Captain Smart then flared up “don’t be giving me cheeky answers. You are someone in authority so don’t behave like a child. You don’t like that as an MCE. You ask a question, I give you an answer and you are giving me cheeky response. You are an MCE and you are addressing Ghanaians, not me. What kind of answer is that?”.

The interview came on the back of allegations by the chief of Dompim-Pepesa, Nana Nyonwah Panyin IV, that the MCE and MP for the area are involved in galamsey.

“I know not of any company, but I know of the very people who are behind the operations of ‘galamsey’ in my area. First and foremost, the Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, is involved.

“The MP for the area, Tarkwa Nsuaem, Honourable George Mireku-Duker, is also involved, and the MCE, Benjamin Kessie, is also involved. I have told you I am not going to disclose my arsenals to you,” the chief said.

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