March 19, 2023
teacher donate to nursing mothers

A female teacher at Atebubu Anglican JHS, Madam Akosua Rose Adubea has donated a quantity of pampers to nursing mothers at Atebubu Government Hospital to relieve them of the burden of the cost of purchasing same, especially during the yelutile.

Presenting the items, Rose Adubea said she was motivated by the fact that prices of goods and services have risen up including baby diapers hence the need to assist nursing mothers who delivered babies during the Christmas festivities and the new year.

‘ Some of them are from poor farming communities and purchasing diapers required by nurses for use of their babies is a challenge so I thought it wise to at least assist them with my widow’s might during their stay at the facility as part of my Christmas gifts. They include 960 medium-size pieces and 450 small-size pieces. They should distribute them to nursing mothers at the maternity and children’s wards.

Receiving the items, the midwife in charge of the maternity ward, madam Theresa Oppong Yeboah thanked the donor for it and further appealed to other benevolent organizations and well-wishers to replicate her example and come to her aid so that she will be able to do to other facilities in the Bono East region.
Other private clinics in the municipality also benefited from her kind gesture.

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