March 27, 2023

A marriage counsellor and self-acclaimed sex expert Papa Kwamina Amoo has revealed that beyond pleasure; sexual intercourse can be used to treat various ailments from headaches to [blood] pressure.

Mr Amoo, who said he spent nearly two decades to study sexual intercourse, noted that there is a lot about sex that most people do not know, advising that partners endeavor to know more about it and its benefits.

“You can use sex to heal. There are sex positions for healing heartaches, pressure,” Mr Amoo said on Multimedia’s Prime Morning on Joy Prime TV monitored by

Sexual intimacy is known to enhance marriages and beneficial for general wellbeing. But his claim that different sex positions can heal people of various ailments appears to be a new addition.

Love Language


Mr Amoo advised couples to pay attention to what makes their partners happy and do it for them, cautioning that there is no one-side fits all in relationships with regards to what makes partners happy .

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