March 19, 2023
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Some concerned youth in the Savannah Region are demanding the arrest of the Public Relations Officer of the Gonjaland Youth Association, Mufti Borjinkper.

Their demand comes after the PRO was captured in a video issuing an ultimatum to the police to release some individuals arrested for alleged arson on the houses of Fulani settlers.

According to the youth, it has become necessary for the police to arrest Mufti over his constant fomenting of trouble which is inimical to the peace and security of Gonjaland.

More so, the youth added that the PRO must be brought to order for issuing a threat against the Ghana Police Service.

“The Savannah Regional security command must bring Mufti to order. It is unfortunate that the Regional Coordinating Council sits unconcerned whilst their PRO keeps threatening and fomenting trouble in the Region.

“This gentleman has had cause to issue threats severally on video and yet nothing has been done to him. This is Mufti threatening the very security of the state. Calling on the youth to attack the police station is a heinous crime that must be condemned,” a member of the group said.

In addition to their demands, the youth are asking the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare to intervene in the security issues of the area to ensure peace and order.

“Is the IGP Mr Dampare afraid of Mufti or what? Is Mufti bigger and mightier than the state? How can an individual give the police a one-hour ultimatum to release suspects engaged in arson or else they will attack the police station?

“Where was Mufti when the hoodlums were engaged in that barbaric act of burning people’s houses? Is Mufti above law?” another member of the group added.

Following the attack on Fulanis and the subsequent burning of some houses, the police arrested multiple suspects in connection with the crime.

However, the PRO of the Gonja Youth Association is said to have issued threats to the police asking for the release of the suspects. He is said to have warned of an attack on the police if the suspects were not released in a given time.


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