March 20, 2023


At Obofour’s church, a vocalist has threatened to out him for the actions that caused her to quit.

Queen Rhyma, a female singer for the Anointed Palace Chapel, has threatened to reveal Rev. Obofour over the events that led to her leaving the church.

On April 2, 2022, the woman made her first hints about her problems with Rev. Obofour in a post on her Facebook page.

She wrote;


Then on April 19, 2022 she posted “I don’t want to die pre mature death, an untimely dead is not my portion, so I can’t stop my church APC Anointed Palace Chapel ,if not they will kill me and I will die for my poor family.

Only the wise will understand”

On Easter Monday Queen Rhyma made another post saying “I love u kwaku for who u are but not for what u have, only the wise. will understand. On God”

On Tuesday she finally announced that she’s been sacked from the church; “Hello people of Ghana my motherland pls I have been told not to come to APC Anointed Palace Chapel again. So should incase u no longer see me at Rev Obofour church anymore pls I have been sacked by Rev Obofour himself not to come there again, to sing or not even a church member, so for your information. I have been sacked from the church, I didn’t stop poor pls he sacked me himself”


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