June 10, 2023
agya koo

Popular Kumawood Actor Alex Kofi Adu known in the Showbiz Industry as Agya Koo has observed that the sidelining of key actors and actresses by Kumawood producers and Directors caused the downfall of the industry.

Kumawood Movie Industry has faced numerous challenges which have led to the collapse of the industry which hitherto was the toast of many in the country.

It would be recalled that Agya Koo complained about how some Kumawood Producers and Directors ganged up against him for which reason he was no longer featured in movies.

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV PLUS monitored by MyNewsGh, Agya Koo admitted that the Kumawood Movie Industry faced some challenges because some actors were sidelined by some producers and executives for reasons unknown.

“I will never say Kumawood Movie Industry has collapsed but we are facing some challenges which can be solved easily” Agya Koo observed.

Agya Koo emphasized that “Those who were the key players in the industry were sidelined and the majority of Ghanaians were unhappy about how some of us were sidelined and treated badly so they stopped watching Ghanaian movies”

“I’m back including some actors who were sidelined and with teamwork, unity and determination we will surely revive the industry. I can’t do it alone without the support of my colleagues” Agya Koo explained

“Though some Directors and Producers are still doubting the revival of  the movie industry,  I believe with unity, prayers and determination,  the Kumawood Movie Industry will bounce back within two years”, he assured.

Source: MyNewsGh

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