March 30, 2023

A distressing video has surfaced online, showing some secondary school pupils engaging in a sexual act in the classroom while classes were still in session.


The viral video, which has since been removed off the internet, shows a male SHS student placing his manhood in the hands of a female colleague, who massages it till he ejaculates in the classroom while the lesson is still going on.




Another student, who noticed the two engaged in a sexual act, began filming them with a phone, encouraged the female student to continue.



But, even before he could ejaculate, they were warned to be careful as the teacher began approaching towards them at the far end of the class, where they were having a good time.

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The heartbreaking footage has prompted some teachers to blame the government for outlawing corporal punishment in schools.


“Why isn’t this going to happen?” “How can pupils do this in the classroom when there is a teacher teaching? This is the amount of indiscipline that the NPP’s no canes policy has brought into Ghanaian schools,” a viewer commented on the video in a WhatsApp group.


I’m even trying to identify the school by the outfit,” another viewer said. Nana Addo has ruined our educational system. Even with mpo penalty, we were stubborn, but not to the amount as we were during class de3 huh.”


Netizens are looking for the identities of the two children as well as the school where the event occurred.

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