March 29, 2023

Scores of students from the University of Ghana and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) have been left stranded after they were evicted from their hostel.

According to reports, the students were forced out of their rooms because of a disagreement between the partners who own the facility.

The students, who are at least 45 in number, were forced out of their rooms after one of the owners notified them the night before.

A video shared by TV3, which was sighted by GhanaWeb, showed the commotion as the students were being forced out by some people alleged to be land guards.

The students bemoaned the situation because they had fully paid their rent and were preparing for their examinations.

“We are about to start our exams (and) I don’t think finding a hostel right now is going to be helpful. Where are we supposed to find a room for now,” a female student said.

Another student narrated: “We were in our rooms and we heard some noise that we should park out. We tried to approach them (to resolve the matter) but a third party came in with motorbikes and it became something like a fight.”

One of the partners said that the situation could have been resolved without removing the students from their rooms.

“Even if I owe you rent and the thing is at the police station can you just take land guards and come and evict all of us and beat us? In addition, while my rent has not expired? That is where I want the law to take its course.

“I called the police emergency line (and) they said they don’t have a car,” the partners told TV3.

The management of the two schools and the Ghana Police Service are yet to comment on the situation, with the fate of the students left hanging.

Watch video of the students being evicted below:

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