March 20, 2023
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The Member of Parliament for Ablakuma, Sheila Bartels, says persons championing the law against LGBTQ are been sponsored to do so.

Speaking to Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat Wednesday, the lawmaker said the fact that some people want the issue to come to the public domain for discussion means they want it instituted.

According to her, that is why “our parents and great grandparents decided that we should not talk about it (LGBTQ) because they do not want it.”

“Let us leave it so that our children’s children will have the same environment. Trust me, if we touch it and we begin to follow Sam George and his people and what they are doing, in 50 years time our children will start LGBT. We should not start it at all”.

She added: “because anytime I raise it and tell people that this is the path when they are doing it, you know the devil is a cunning animal. He will not do it for you to know that this is the agenda we are pushing and eventually we are going to go there.

“I am also of the opinion that we have to let it sleep because when you want acceptance of anything it starts first with you introducing and engaging in getting people to talk about it. You know very well that it will start with anger, people are going to be disgusted and all of that.”

The MP further stated that the agenda was to start to get pastors buy into it.

“There are phases people go through and then eventually it will get to acceptance. I am of the opinion that some of these people have been paid to start this campaign that we have to create a law that is against LGBTQI. We want to get people who are LGBT to be jailed or to do this and that.

“I think people have been paid because LGBTQ is something that is an agenda and their agenda is not for us, you and I. It’s for our children and our grandchildren if they let us begin to engage now. Create laws now once you create the laws eventually loopholes will come in. Somebody will say okay the law says when two boys are sitting in a room and someone goes to report xyz then the person should go to jail.

“Then the next few minutes my son and your son are sitting watching TV, then somebody will go and report and then after we will start fighting about why our sons are being bastardized, the law must be amended then we go and remove something and that is when you will have a beautiful law which says that they can marry.”


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