June 2, 2023
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Teachers in Rwanda are the latest to join the world’s good earners. The government has announced a pay increment of 88 percent for primary school teachers, effective this August 2022. Other ranks within the profession equally received good percentages of pay rise.

Minister for Education, Valentine Uwamariya said in a joint session that, “it is not just about arise in payment, but we are looking at it as a way of creating a conducive environment for teachers who have long been unstable in this profession.”

The increment will see primary teacher will receive a net pay of Rwf108,488 instead of the current Rwf57,639. Teachers who hold the A1 certificates will also get a 40 per cent pay rise. The minister also said Graduate teachers will be paid Rwf246,384 representing an increase from Rwf176,189.

Officials say the drastic policy is meant to improve the living conditions of teachers and also retain them in the field. According to statistics, some number of teachers were exiting the field in search for better options due to poor conditions. With the recent changes, hope has been restored for the teachers.

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