March 30, 2023
Iron Ore

The Catholic Bishop of Jasikan, Most Rev Gabriel A. Mante has called on chiefs in the Oti Region to resist attempts by the government to explore Iron Ore.

According to the Bishop, the mining of Iron Ore will not benefit the people in the region as there has not been any assurance that it will have an economic impact on them, reports.

“There is no guarantee that mining in the Oti Region will contribute to the economy of the local people. The aforementioned repercussions, the destruction of the environment, the health implications and the worsening indigenous economy far outweigh the benefits that could be derived from mining the mineral resources.

“In considering all that has been said, we call upon the traditional leaders, both in the Oti and Volta Regions to take a determined and uncompromising stance against the mining of the mineral resources which have now been discovered and those yet to be discovered. We would like to remind them that their greatest responsibility from God and our ancestors is to protect the lives God has entrusted to them to lead.”

In a statement, he further stated that due to the high building in the region, mining activities could lead to landslides, especially in areas Akpafu Todzi, Teteman, and other nearby mountainous areas.

“For instance, if mining would be done on the Akpafu Todzi, Teteman, and other nearby mountainous areas, the constant disturbance of the mountains and vibrations caused by heavy equipment could lead to landslides.

“The result will be that a whole village such as Teteman or Akpafu Todzi, could slide off causing death, harm to lives and properties. Communities living in the nearby valleys could also be buried by the same landslides. In the case of Bowiri communities, their ancestral home will be destroyed,” quoted Bishop Mante.

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