March 19, 2023
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The Alan Kyerematen camp has dared the Majority Chief Whip in Parliament, Frank Annoh-Dompreh, to produce names of the people he purports are part of a committee known as the Economic Management Committee.

According to a press release signed by Richard Nyamah, the Deputy Spokesperson to Alan Kyerematen, if the Majority Chief Whip claims there is such a committee, and that it was headed by the former Minister of Trade and Industry, then it would just be fair for him to help Ghanaians know more about it.

Earlier, Frank Annoh-Dompreh had claimed that Alan had been in-charge of an Economic Management Committee – something that had never been heard of before then, seeing that what exists is known as the Economic Management Team.

The EMT is usually headed by the vice president of Ghana but Annoh-Dompreh had claimed, while speaking on Adom TV, that Alan was also the head of a similar committee.

Reacting to this however, Richard Nyamah stated that there is no such committee and that if the Majority Chief wants to make people believe him, then he should give more details about it.

“First and foremost, we wish to state emphatically and for the records that there is no such ‘animal’ called ‘Economic Management Committee’ of the Cabinet of the Republic of Ghana and it is only a figment of the imagination of the Hon MP. As senior member of the Party and of Government, we are surprised that the Majority Chief Whip does not know the architecture of Cabinet to make such a claim which surprised even the host of the interview.

“As a matter of setting the records straight, we challenge the Hon MP to list the members of this so-called Economic Management Committee of Cabinet to enable the media and independent Ghanaians to verify from such members, the truth or otherwise of such a wild claim,” he stated.

The Deputy Spokesperson for Alan Kyerematen, Richard Nyamah, also challenged Frank Annoh-Dompreh to help Ghanaians understand what the mandate of this so-called committee is.

“Secondly, we challenge the Hon Majority Chief Whip to publish the mandate of such a committee of cabinet so we can interrogate their functions compared to the role of the Economic Management Team, headed by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic. It is unimaginable that he will suggest such a duplicity of roles at the highest level of government and we need some education from him if this is indeed true,” he added.

The Alan Kyerematen team has therefore denied any such claims and has urged the public to disregard the comments made by the Majority Chief Whip.

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