March 29, 2023
Noah Dogah wants to represent the NDC at Ada as party chairman

Many people who recognize his face from a 2017 interview GhanaWeb had with him, would remember those words of his that became an almost household catchphrase, “go and ask your grandfather.”

This was after a reporter asked him for clarification to a proverb he used in the interview, to which he furiously retorted with those words.

It has now emerged that the man, Noah Dogah, is vying for a top position in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ada Constituency of the Greater Accra Region.

In a poster that has been sighted online by GhanaWeb, Noah, who is running on the motto, Common Sense, wants to become the Chairman of the NDC in the constituency.

In 2017, GhanaWeb posted the video of Noah Dogah where he made the comments on the back of a chaotic election for the District Chief Executive position in the Ada constituency.

Furious about some of the things that happened on the day, including accusations that they had been sabotaged, Noah Dogah, an assemblyman in the area at the time, explained that he was also brutalized.

“I will face them one by one, and they will see what will happen. I’m a traditionalist; I’m not a Christian so I’m also going to pray because they butchered me, they twisted my neck. They seized my phone, my money, my constitutional book is lost.

“You were there. We were telling you that let the people get out of the room because we know the plans that the people set. We told you from the beginning but you took it for granted. Now, you saw it with your naked eyes. They came into the room first in their suits and we suspected that they are not National Security. We walked them out and before we were counting, they disconnected all the power.

“You saw it, don’t let me be bias. They are totally failures. The officers in that room, they connived with the criminals to rob us so we are telling them that Sarah is not the DCE and she can never be DCE for Ada. Look, when you pluck a fruit, wait till it is ripe before you eat; don’t eat unripe fruits,” he said.

Asked what the meaning of those last words were, Noah Dogah retorted that the reporter should go and ask his grandfather.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) goes to the polls later this year to election executives for all its regional and district offices across the country.

Watch the 2017 video below:

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