March 23, 2023
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Church members were caught on video taking off their clothes so that the Holy Spirit could move freely through them. This is a new trend on social media.

According to reports, the man of God told everyone in the church, both men and women, to take off their clothes so that the Holy Spirit could move through them easily. Everyone did as they were told.

In 2019, photos of a Ghanaian pastor and his half-naked church members caused a stir on social media after a similar event. The pictures that were posted online showed people taking off their clothes while the man of God gave the sermon.
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In the most recent video, you could see the pastor step on some of the church members who were lying on the ground. After making it to social media, the video and photos have gotten a lot of different reactions, with some netizens saying that the “man of God” misled his congregation.

Others have asked for his arrest, and a few of them have slammed the members for being so stupid as to follow such a strange order, saying that it’s about time Christians used their brains.


It looks like some pastors are doing strange things in churches these days. Some of them are giving their members baths, while others tell their followers to go naked or almost naked. Well, we’ll know them by what they do!

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