March 27, 2023
Pastor No Try – Owusu Bempah Roasted After Allegedly Going Back For A Car He Bought For Naana Brown 1

Pastor Ni Trimu Woden: Owusu Bempah was roasted when he allegedly went back for a car he bought for Naana Brown because of an argument according to an instagram post by thosecalledcelebs.

Pastor Isaac Owusu Bempah of the Glorious Word and Power Ministries has been called out on social media for acting in a way that is not typical of a religious person.

Following an argument, Bempah took back the car he bought for Naana Brown.

According to reports, Bempah allegedly bought a car for Brown, who used to work for Agradaa, after she helped him when he was fighting with Agradaa.

Brown is alleged to have given Bempah inside information that led the preacher and his team to storm Agradaa’s house when they had a fight a few years ago.

Bempah is said to have bought a car for Brown.

But they had a fight recently and he has decided he wants his car back.

Bempah is said to have taken back the money he paid for the car.

Netizens have called him an wicked pastor for going back on a good thing he did.


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