June 2, 2023

Osafo-Maafo at the centre of another tribalistic audio

NDC’s Brogya Genfi condemns Osafo-Maafo

Bantama Group demands apology from Osafo-Maafo

Yaw Osafo-Maafo, the Senior Advisor to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admitted guilt for the content of a leaked audio that captured him making comments deemed to be tribalistic.

Yaw Osafo-Maafo is quoted by ClassFM to have issued a statement in which he concedes to making the ethnocentric comments and apologizing for same.

The comments, according to Yaw Osafo-Maafo were not intended to rile up Asantes and cause tribalistic reactions.

“The comment was never intended to stir up ethnic tensions between Akyems and Asantes. Ethnic tension is not a thing I want for our country or the NPP. Despite the nature and circumstances of the discussion, I concede that I erred I, therefore, wish to offer my unqualified and sincere apologies for these comments,” he said.

Osafo-Maafo explained that with his decades of experience in the country’s politics, it will be foolhardy for him to seek to stir up ethnic tensions.

“(With) Many years of public service, creating divisions is not a thing I will seek to do for a country that I love and spent many decades serving as a public officer. Beyond party politics, I will continue to share a common objective and vision for the country, even if the pathway to getting there might differ,” he is quoted to have said.

The former Finance Minister was caught on tape making statements that hailed the Akyems, while stating that the Asantes played no significant role in the struggle for independence.

The leaked tape received wide condemnations from chiefs and organizations in the Ashanti Region.

A group calling itself Bantama Youth Association issued a statement lambasting the Senior Presidential advisor.

For members of the group, the comments were unnecessary and distasteful and needed to be retracted and an apology rendered to Ashantis.

In an interview with TV3, the group’s spokesman, Kwame Awuah Nimfour, said they were disappointed but not entirely surprised that such comments had come from Osafo-Maafo.

“We are not surprised that the contents of the alleged audio are coming from Yaw Osafo-Maafo. We are aware he has a history of making supposedly tribalistic comments.” He added that his shock, however, was that, “Asantes will be drawn into an issue that is purely partisan and should not be tribalized.

“Hon Yaw Osafo Maafo is a tribal bigot. And I don’t understand why he opens himself up for insults from many people including the youth. If you are dealing with your party issues in your region, why must you attack Asantes?” he quizzed.

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