March 18, 2023
New York police release video of how five passengers beat Ghanaian taxi driver to

New York City police have released footage of the moment five teenagers fatally beat a 52-year-old Ghanaian taxi driver.

The harrowing video shows how father-of-four Kutin Gyimah, 52, was viciously kicked and punched by the group near the Rockaway Beach neighbourhood in Queens, around 6.20am on Saturday.


taxi driver

The NYPD said the suspects took a ride from Mr Gyimah and ran out of the vehicle without paying their fare.



When Mr Gyimah attempted to chase them, he was knocked to the ground by one of the suspects wearing black and yellow sweatpants.

He cracked his skull, lost consciousness and was then found lying in the roadway near a playground with trauma to the back of his head.He was pronounced dead at St John’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that three of the suspects, including two males aged 20, have turned themselves in.


They have been slapped with charges including manslaughter, gang assault and theft of services.

“Today, investigators arrested two 20-year-old males in connection to the murder of 54-year-old Kutin Gyimah in Queens. One male was charged with manslaughter, gang assault, assault, and theft of services, while the other male was charged with gang assault and theft of services,” the New York Police said in a Twitter post.

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