March 19, 2023
NACOC 485x360 1

The Narcotics Control Commission’s (NACOC) intercepted six (6) parcels of outbound cocoa powder plastic containers containing marijuana.

The parcel, which was destined for the United Kingdom (UK), was discovered by officers of the commission’s Post Unit on Friday, February 3, 2023.

The interception became successful while carrying out their normal routine of inspecting parcels brought to the post office to be sorted out before dispatching to their final destination.

Six parcels of the outbound cocoa powder plastic containers containing marijuana

According to the Public Affairs and International Relations Department of the NACOC investigation is ongoing to unravel the people behind the attempted export.

The commission is however cautioning the general public found involving themselves in such act to desist from such activities since they will be prosecuted if found culpable.

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