March 18, 2023

A lady has recounted how her friend ended their friendship because she couldn’t afford bridesmaid expenses.

A young lady has shared a story of how her friend ended their friendship just because she couldn’t afford her bridesmaid expenses.

Sharing the story on social media app Twitter, she said the friend who was about to marry told her the bridesmaid for her wedding will sew two dresses.

As it has become a new trend, bridesmaids sew matching dresses to grace the wedding ceremony of the bride.

This bride told the friend that for her wedding all the bridesmaid will sew 2 dresses from their own money.

The friend replied the bride that she can’t afford to sew the 2 dresses because she has other financial obligations.

Just because she couldn’t afford to sew the two dresses, the bride stopped talking to her.

“My friend told me the bridesmaids would have to sew two dresses💀 she’s not gonna pay for them tho so I declined and told her I can’t be a bridesmaid cus I got other financial obligations and now she ain’t talking to me” – the friend shared on Twitter

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