March 19, 2023
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A video showcasing the bond that man and animal share with each other has gone viral on social media. In the 45-second-long clip, a langur can be seen attending the funeral of a man who cared for it and used to offer food whenever it visited his house. The primate sitting near the body of the man is seen trying to wake him up.

Twitter user Aslaw CC shared the video, believed to be of Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka on Twitter.

Amid the crowd of mourning family members and relatives, the monkey is seen sitting near his body. A person tried to move the langur away, but the primate refuses to leave.

At one point, the langur picks up the deceased man’s hand and shakes it in order to seek his attention. Also, the monkey nudges the dead person lovingly.

The langur’s gesture surprised all of them present at the funeral of the man who fed the primate everytime it came to his house.

Watch the video below:

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