March 19, 2023
Moment an old woman nearly shoots grandson due to his late night surprise visit Video

A grandson narrowly escaped being gunned down by his grandmother who thought he was an intruder.

The man traveled to visit his family in another city on Christmas Day but he did not inform the elderly woman that he was coming.

old woman nearly shoots grandson

In a video circulating online, the grandson revealed that he drove for 26 hours from his city before reaching his family home very late.

He arrived at her home around 5am and knocked but his frightened grandma grabbed her gun suspecting that it was a robber trying to invade her home.

The man then announced that he was the one at the door and his granny slowly opened the door while holding a gun.

As soon as she saw who the person was she gasped in relief and lowered the pistol she was holding in her right hand.




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